Kent Film and Television Board

The Kent Film and Television Board Members in two rows - sitting on a bench and standing behind them

The Kent Film and Television Board Members

In December 2006 the Kent Film and Television Board was launched. Chaired by Ramsgate’s Brenda Blethyn the board was brought together by Kent County Council to inform the Kent Film Office and to raise the profile of the County as a filming location.

Brenda Blethyn said: “I am delighted Kent County Council has taken this initiative forward and I am pleased to be part of it. The wealth of locations, facilities and crew that Kent has to offer should be maximised and the Board are committed to promoting and supporting this.

The board includes prominent figures from the industry with strong links to the county, including Geoff Miles from Maidstone Studios, Dr David Starkey, historian and tv producer, journalists, actors, directors, location managers and producers whose individual expertise in the industry and knowledge of the county will ensure that Kent will become a top filming location for both film and television.

Geoff Miles from Maidstone Studios said: “The Kent Film Office marks a positive step towards the future of filming in Kent . By raising the profile of Kent as a film location and production centre, we hope the county will benefit from growth in the hospitality and tourism industry, companies re locating as they become more aware of Kent and all it has to offer and, of course, the creation of more jobs as Kent becomes known as a centre of excellence within the film and television industry itself. Maidstone Studios is proud to be associated with the film office and hopes that together we can continue to raise the profile of Kent.

The Kent Film Office was established in 2006 following an idea by KCC Chief Executive Peter Gilroy. The film office has been instrumental in attracting high profile companies like Ecosse Films , who are currently working on Cape Wrath, filmed entirely in Kent, the eight part drama programme is due to air on Channel 4 later this year. The production was a triumph for Kent as it created 35 local jobs and has injected £2.5 million into the local economy.

The Kent Film Office offers assistance to productions wishing to film in the county, by finding suitable locations, putting them in touch with relevant organisations such as district councils, police and highways and by being a general source of information for their filming needs. The Kent Film and Television Board, by being comprised entirely of high profile industry professionals, will be able to inform the film office so that it can stay cutting edge with regards to industry needs. Its members will also be able to promote the county and make sure that Kent is at the forefront of the creative industry’s mind when it comes to location filming.

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