Songs of Praise: Pugin God’s Architect (2012)

Presenter of Songs of Praise, Aled Jones, in a church

Aled Jones © BBC

Production Company: BBC

Locations used: Ramsgate Harbour, St Augustine’s Church, Ramsgate.

BBC’s Songs of Praise comes to Kent to film in the beautiful St. Augustine’s Church in Ramsgate, built by famous 19th century architect Augustus Welby Pugin.

Presented by Aled Jones (Escape to the Country, Cash in the Attic), Songs of Praise allows the nation to pray together, join in the singing of hymns and songs and discover uplifting stories of faith.

Aled explores the week’s theme, which is ‘Pugin –  God’s Architect’. Augustus Welby Pugin built St. Augustine’s Church between 1845 and 1852 and became most famous for his design of Big Ben for the Palace of Westmister

The Songs of Praise team was welcomed to Thanet in May this year, and throughout the episode, images of Ramsgate Harbour can be seen along with views of Thanet’s beautiful coastline.

Ramsgate is a popular coastal filming location and and home to the only “Royal” harbour in the country. It has been used for productions such as True Love (2012), Ruby Blue (2007)  and Hancock and Joan (2008).

Songs of Praise: Pugin God’s Architect will be shown on 24th June 2012 on BBC One at 17:30.


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In The Best Possible Taste With Grayson Perry (2012)

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry © Channel 4

Production Company: Seneca Productions

Locations used: Tunbridge Wells, Kings Hill

Artist Grayson Perry comes to Tunbridge Wells to explore the tastes of the British Middle Classes for the second episode of ‘The Best Possible Taste’, using his discoveries of the area as inspiration for a work of art.

During the series, Grayson Perry surrounds himself with people across the social spectrum as he tries to get to grips with society’s differing takes on taste. In this episode he seeks to explore the taste obsessions of the modern middle class person, including vintage furniture, original art and organic food.

He starts this mission in Kings Hill before visiting Tunbridge Wells, a town known for its middle class residents.

Using his experiences as inspiration, Perry creates a set of six tapestries from his findings, two for each of the classes. He hopes that it will tell a story of British class mobility in the 21st Century.  In conclusion to each episode, contributors are invited to view his creations.

Tunbridge Wells is a town in West Kent, home to a host of historic buildings, specialist shops, churches and a busy town centre. Productions which have previously filmed in the area include Britain’s Best Bakery (2012), Terry and Mason’s Great Food Trip (2015) and Hunted (2012).

Kings Hill is a housing and business development built on an airfield site which was used for The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and more recently, the area has featured in Couples Come Dine With Me (2014) and Channel 4’s Cape Wrath (2008).

In The Best Possible Taste With Grayson Perry airs on Tuesday 12th June 2012 on Channel 4 at 22.00.


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Great British Story: A People’s History (2012)

The Great British Story: The Peoples History presenter Michael Wood

The Great British Story The Peoples History © BBC Maya Vision


Production Company: Maya Vision International

Kent locations used: Faversham

The BBC’s new series Great British Story: A People’s History is presented by historian Michael Wood, who investigates the history and fascinating lives of the ordinary person in a specific time period, from the Viking invasions, across the Industrial Revolution to the Second World War.

This episode saw Michael Wood visit Faversham Market, which is one of the oldest in Kent. It dates back nearly 900 years and is a significant landmark in terms of Faversham’s local history.

The crew followed the activities of the East Kent Historical Organisation, a local re-enactment and combat group during their activities at a local recruitment and educational drive.

Faversham is a market town in the Swale Borough of Kent and boasts over 400 listed buildings as well as being renowned for the beautiful Faversham Creek and picturesque countryside that surrounds it. The town also has excellent rail links to London, with connections enabling a fast route into the capital. Faversham is a popular filming location, having previously welcomed TV programmes such as Great British Railway Journeys (2014), Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover (2013) and Our Food (2012).

Don’t miss the Faversham episode of The Great British Story: A People’s Story which is being aired on 15 June 2012 at 8pm on BBC Two.


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The Filmmatrix Launches and holds Future Shorts Film Festival in Canterbury – tickets just £3

The Filmmatrix Logo

The Filmmatrix Logo

Future Shorts is a worldwide pop-up film festival which screens short films and feature-length programme will include films from famous names such Nash Edgerton, Spike Jonze and Sam Taylor-Wood. All film lovers, make sure you go to this event, tickets are just £3!

Madeleine Duggan, creator of The Filmmatrix said: “The idea behind it is to work with Future Shorts to get young people from Canterbury contributing to the organisation of a film festival. It will give them vocational experience and an insight into the other sectors of the film industry – aside from film production.

Future Shorts runs this as a “global pop-up” event, which means that for two months, this festival of seven films has been run by independent organisations or groups of people from all corners of the world. 

The idea behind Future Shorts is to take cinema to the people and to get people more involved in the magic of it behind the scenes.

This festival is the first creative event for The Filmmatrix and, since Future Shorts alone runs quarterly, it will hopefully be the first of many.”

Official Programme of The Future Shorts Festival

Official Programme of The Future Shorts Festival


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Long Lost Family (2012)

Long Lost Family presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell

Long Lost Family presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell © ITV

Production Company: Wall to Wall Media

Locations used: Rochester

The tear-jerking ITV show that traces and reunites family members who have been separated for years comes to Rochester. In this episode the team tries to help a local family answer questions about a relative they haven’t seen in years and hopefully bring them back together.

Series 2 returns with presenters Davina McCall (The Biggest Loser, Got to Dance and The Million Pound Drop) and radio and TV personality Nicky Campbell exploring how and why families drifted apart. In some cases, despite having painstakingly searching for each other for many years they have had no luck.

Davina and Nicky visit Rochester and the episode follows two stories. The first is about a young man, who at the age of 6 discovered that his father wasn’t his biological father. After years of many questions will he finally receive some answers about his father, and will he ever get to meet him?

The second story is about a woman who also needs answers about her father after discovering at age 10 that her “older sister” was actually her mother and her real father was forbidden from seeing her. After searching for years for the mystery man, will Davina and Nicky be able to help bring them together?

Rochester is a historic City that boasts an impressive cathedral and castle that links back to the medieval period. The City has strong connections with Charles Dickens, and many TV and film adaptations of his famous novels have filmed here such as Great Expectations (1989) and BBC’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012).

Don’t miss the heart-wrenching Rochester episode which will air on ITV1 on Thursday 31st May 2012 at 21:00


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Kent Fire and Rescue Service “Hot Shots” film competition – deadline 31st May

Hot Shots competition logo

Hot Shots competition logo

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service have launched a film competition called ‘Hot Shots’ which is open to all 15-21 year olds living in Kent. There are a number of prizes up for grabs and the winner will get to see their film used in future safety campaigns – young creative’s of Kent: don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

The judges will be looking for a short film (up to three-minutes) with an original and creative take on any of these four themes: fire safety, road safety, water safety and hoax calling. The film should encourage people to take responsibility of their own as well as others’ safety relating to these topics.

The first prize is £250, with an additional £250 going to their organisation or school. Other prizes include £150, £100 and cinema tickets.

Entrants can be individuals, groups, or not-profit organisations, and the complete rules for entrants can be found on their website. The deadline for all entries is May 31st 2012, and the winners will be announced in June.

For more information and to enter the competition please visit

There is also a Facebook page which you can find by searching ‘hot shots youth film competition’.

Good luck to all entrants! 

Hotshots Poster


Danny Potts’ crime thriller Piggy set for general release!

Piggy Film Poster

Piggy Film Poster

Kent locations used: Maidstone, Gravesend

Piggy is a dark thriller and is tough, shocking and utterly compelling, it is directed by Keiron Hawkes and produced by Danny Potts.

The story looks at the downward spiral of a young man, Joe, grieving over the murder of his brother. Joe, played by Martin Compston (The Disappearance of Alice Creed, The Damned United),finds solace with an old family friend, Piggy, played by Paul Anderson (Sherlock Holmes, The Firm, The Sweeney). Piggy helps Joe to cope with his grief, intent on saving him and helping him get justice for his brother’s killing.

However, Joe finds himself involved in a world of grit, violence and revenge and soon realises that Piggy isn’t who he first thought he was. Soon, Joe’s life begins to collapse around him culminating in a brutal, disastrous climax.

Piggy screen shot

Piggy screen shot

Piggy was filmed in Maidstone. Situated in West Kent, ithas plenty to offer, including thriving shopping areas, bars, clubs and restaurants, parks, and various nearby tourism attractions such as Leeds Castle and Kent Life museum . Maidstone is great for filming as it has great transport links and has the UK’s largest independent TV studio facility – The Maidstone Studios. The site is set over 11 acres and boasts 5 TV studios, a sound stage, post production facilities, storage and over 400 free parking spaces.

Gravesend is in North Kent and is only minutes away from London by the high speed train and it has some beautiful features including the Thames Riverside and the North Kent Downs. It is a historical town that has connections with famous people such as Charles Dickens, and Pocahontas,

The 2012 film premiered in Covent Garden on 1st May and is screening in many cinemas – the film is also set for a DVD release on 21st May soon after.


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