Dartford-born director Andrea Arnold scoops an Oscar for short film


Andrea Arnold at the BFI Film Festival

Andrea Arnold at the BFI Film Festival © Simon Leibowitz

Born and raised in Dartford, Andrea Arnold has gained critical success across the globe, winning an Oscar for her short live action film Wasp. She has also just picked up a coveted BAFTA, to go alongside her Cannes Jury Prize and her 5 Scottish BAFTA’s, for her first feature length film Red Road.

Red Road looks at the life of a CCTV operator Jackie whose job is protecting the citizens under her watchful eye, however one day she is forced to confront the past. The film sparked much debate over the use of CCTV in society.

Andrea Arnold was an actor and presenter in the 1980’s starring in Number 73 and presenting Motormouth, however in recent years she has turned her talents towards directing.