Windmill Boy (2006)

The crew of Windmill Boy surrounding the model of the Windmill

The crew of Windmill Boy surrounding the model of the Windmill © Dan Richards


Director: Dan Richards

Production Company: Canterbury Christ Church University,Windmill Boy Productions

Windmill Boy created and directed by Dan Richards, is an animation short by Dan Richards who worked on Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit and is now Animator in Residence at Canterbury Christchurch University.

Dan Animating

Dan Animating © Dan Richards

Windmill Boy is fated to spend his life in drudgery, serving the village he lives in by operating the windmill and baking bread. The evil Mayor has taken away the staircase between the village and the Windmill and thus condemning the boy to a lonely prison where his only joy comes from playing the organ. Feeling trapped in a world of misery the Windmill Boy dreams of escape!

It took 14 weeks of model making and a further 12 weeks of animation after months of preparation to complete Windmill Boy.

Dan Richards is currently lobbying for an Animation Studio in Kent and is working towards the next installment chronicling the adventures of Windmill Boy.


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