I Didnt Know That (2007)

Jonny Philips and Richard Ambrose being lifted by giant balloons at the Marlowe Academy

Jonny Philips and Richard Ambrose being lifted by giant balloons at the Marlowe Academy © National Geographic Channel


Production Company: National Geographic

Kent Filming Locations: Marlowe Academy

Presenters Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips visited Kent’s Marlowe Academy to see how many balloons it would take to lift a person off the ground. The National Geographic programme tries to find answers to quirky questions about ordinary objects, such as ‘Is it possible to crack a safe open with a stethoscope?’ or ‘Can bubble wrap protect a china plate from an eight ton tractor?’

The old Ramgate School was recently reincarnated as the Marlowe Academy and moved to brand new, purpose built premises. The transformation however, was not just cosmetic, since the school does not follow the National Curriculum; instead it tailors its courses to the pupils ensuring that their natural talents are encouraged. The Academy is also a community hub, housing the local library and offering a selection of Adult Education courses.

Designed for the 21st Century, the contemporary building is light and spacious and it’s large atrium is a modern interpretation of an amphitheatre with a height that was perfect for this stunt.

So, how many balloons does it take to lift a presenter? Tune in to the National Geographic Channel on Wednesday the 26th September 2007 at 6pm to find out!


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