In Production Now: Ruby Blue

Bob Hoskins and Jan Dunn standing in front of the sea

Bob Hoskins and Jan Dunn filming Ruby Blue © Medb Films

Produced by Medb Films, Ruby Blue was shot entirely in Thanet and Deal. The film stars Bob Hoskins as Jack, a recently widowed man who finds comfort in his relationship with Florrie (Jessica Stewart) , an 8 year old girl and Stephanie (Josiane Balasko), a woman with an even darker past than his own.

Director Jan Dunn said; “Casting Bob Hoskins was integral to the lead role of Jack. I needed a very special actor to play a character that might be construed as having a dark side, then equally get the audience on his side when they realise what the other characters in the film don’t; that Jack is a good and kind person. Bob Hoskins has the capacity and weight as an actor needed to deliver this juxtaposed presence. He’s a generous and highly professional talent and we were blessed when he agreed to take on this role.’

Bob Hoskins filming a scene from Ruby Blue with Sean Wilton in Deal

Bob Hoskins filming a scene from Ruby Blue with Sean Wilton in Deal © Medb Films


Based in Ramsgate, Medb Films shot into the cinematic limelight with their first venture Gypo,  filmed entirely in Margate and Ramsgate. It earned  critical acclaim across the world, gaining them coveted awards such as Outstanding Achievement in Production award at the 2005 British Independent Film Awards, and Best First Feature Award at the San Francisco Frameline Film Festival. The film is also the first UK film to be certified as an official Dogme 95 film.

Set up in 2005, Medb Films began when producer Elaine Wickham and writer/ director Jan Dunn merged their slate, resources and contacts to create an independent film production company in Ramsgate.  Medb Films is based in the Royal Harbour Hotel and has a 20 seater screening room, as well as Avid, Final Cut Pro and Dolby 5.1 post production facilities.  The company has thus far produced two feature length films Gypo (starring Paul Mc Gann) and Ruby Blue (starring Bob Hoskins) and a UK film council short film My Mother. They are set to shoot their third feature film in July 2007.

Historically, Margate has been associated with Turner as he noted that ‘the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe’ It has recently seen an influx of artists moving into the area in anticipation of the arrival of the new Turner Contemporary Gallery, which is planned to be built near the town pier in Margate. The impending gallery has brought renewed interest in the old town which is being regenerated through the arrival of the Media Centre and many new independent galleries.

Ruby Blue is due for cinematic release later in this year.

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