Kent TV is Launched

Bob Geldof KBE and Paul Carter Leader of Kent County Council clapping

Bob Geldof KBE and Paul Carter Leader of Kent County Council © Kent Film Office

Kent TV was launched on Friday 21st September  2007 at an exclusive event held at The Maidstone Studios.

The web-based channel is run by the independent production company Ten Alps  and funded by Kent County Council. Kent TV will highlight the best that Kent has to offer. It will be the community channel worth tuning into.

Bob Geldof, Kent resident and co-founder of the company Ten Alps, said “I’m happy that the county I chose to live in is the first in the world to seize the opportunities of the 21st century”

The high profile event, attended by cabinet members, media professionals, Kent Ambassadors and press highlighted the great interest this venture has already secured.

Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council said ‘This is not Kent County Council TV, this is what I refer to as Kent PLC TV where the shareholders are all the residents of Kent, all the businesses of Kent, all the public agencies in Kent, the voluntary sector in Kent. It’s their TV channel.’


Press Conference

Press Conference © Kent Film Office


Bob Geldof standing at a podium delivering a speech

Bob Geldof © Kent Film Office

Local people and community groups can apply to upload their own video clips to the site, giving air-time to truly local issues. Budding actors, musicians, journalists and presenters living in Kent can also use Kent TV as a springboard to showcase their talents. Kent TV will open up new horizons for students in Kent’s 600+ schools, colleges and universities, who will be able to create their own content, get involved in real programme-making and try their hand at reporting and presenting.

There will also be programmes produced by local media companies for example Kersh Media visited the set of ‘The Calling’ Medb Films latest project where they filmed behind the scenes and interviewed the cast members including Kent’s very own Brenda Blethyn.

And there is Ten Alps’ very own crew tracking the very best stories and events in the county, like the Canterbury Tale event, where they managed to get some exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews with the great and good that attended, including Paul McGann, Thelma Schoonmaker, Shaun Williamson, Susannah Harker and others.