Paul Greengrass

Image of Paul Greengrass

Paul Greengrass Directing United 93 © Universal Studios Photo by Jonathan Olley

BAFTA for director Paul Greengrass.

Gravesend’s Paul Greengrass has directed many recent blockbusters including The Bourne Supremacy and United 93 and  it is for the latter that he has received much interest from his peers. He has just won a BAFTA for his efforts and was nominated for an Oscar.

Prior to the call of Hollywood, Paul worked as a director and writer on political projects such as Bloody Sunday and on the controversial book Spycatcher about MI5 the Government attempted to ban. After a series of deeply political programmes and films, Paul turned his attentions to the second in the Bourne trilogy before directing the critically acclaimed United 93.

United 93 is based on the true events of 9/11, following the tale in real time, the film looks at the brave actions of the passengers who managed to ensure that United Airways Flight 93 was the only plane not to hit its target.