The Skoda Fabia Advert

The Fabia made from cake surrounded by bakers

The Fabia made from cake © Skoda

A Kent-based commercial bakers helped create one of the most iconic adverts in recent years.

The Cake Bake Company in Gravesend, spent three days baking the 420 Madeira cakes used in the Skoda advert where a real-size car is built entirely out of cake. Using specially-designed large tins, four bakers worked to adapt their standard recipe to ensure the cakes were durable enough to be handled
but with a home-baked look.

Tim Ward, owner of The Cake Bake Company said; ‘Back in April, I was contacted by a lady asking if we baked cakes in large loaves. When I told her we did, she replied ‘Good because I make films and I want to build a car out of cake.’ After I got back on my chair, I took up the challenge. It was a great thing to be involved with. It certainly has given us a lot of exposure.’

Making the advert proved to be an interesting challenge to the crew and cake experts as the car was made in real time and therefore any problems that presented themselves had to be dealt with there and then. Using 180 eggs, 100kg of caster sugar and 20kg raisins among other ingredients, it took a team of 8 people a week to mould the car and a further 3 days to make all the panels that were made from Rice Krispies.

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