A Very Snowy Halloween!

Someone pushing a shopping trolley in the snow covered Pantile with a Christmas Tree in shot

A shopping trolley in the snow covered Pantiles © Kent Film Office

The snowy Morrisons’ Christmas campaign was filmed in Tunbridge Wells

You could forgive the people of Tunbridge Wells for being confused this Halloween, when vampires, ghosts and witches found themselves stood in the middle of Christma since The Pantiles were transformed into a winter wonderland complete with snow, market stands selling Christmas goods and celebrities with shopping trollies!

Amused adults and awe-struck children looked on as Morrisons filmed their latest star packed adverts in various locations around Tunbridge Wells. In the three days that the crew were in Kent, they decorated Southborough Common, a residential street and of course The Pantiles.

Snow covered shops at The Pantiles

Snow covered shops at The Pantiles © Kent Film Office

 Snow covered shops at The PantilesSnow covered shops at The Pantiles © Kent Film Office

There certainly was a magical feeling in the air, as vast numbers of extras dressed in their winter clothes crowded round LULU in front of a large Christmas tree, awaiting their moment in front of the camera. When the filming began, snow was propelled into the air, creating a buzz of excitement with the locals looking on.

The advert features in a series of Morrisons commercials starring well-known personalities such as Denise Van Outen, Gabby Logan, Alan Hanson, Diarmuid Gavin and others. Promoting the store, the stars highlight the company’s slogan ‘Fresh Choice for You’ by visiting places like sea trawlers, windmills and fields that have the freshest ingredients and then returning ‘home’ to Morrisons where they can find the food as fresh as they have found it during their journey.

The Christmas campaign was shot entirely in Kent.


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