Washed Up (2008)

People emerging from the water at the beach

The Cast of Washed Up © Doug Walshe


Director writerJoseph Martin

Production Company:

Kent Filming Locations: Botany Bay, Thanet

Washed Up is a short film where the stars are the countries of the European Union. 12 people are washed up on a beach with no idea how they got there. Each person has a small piece of machinery on a chain around their neck with their country’s flag painted upon it.

Bewildered and confused, they all speak at each other in their own languages. It is only by working together and learning to understand each other, that they are able to use their individual pieces to reconstruct a clockwork box they find on the beach and unlock its secret. The 12 members of the European Union are subsequently ‘United in Diversity’ which is the main motto of E3 Films.

Joseph Martin a former student of the University of the Creative Arts was awarded funding from a European filming initiative called E3 Films. The funding is awarded to projects which seek to explore and promote the diversity of Europe’s culture and linguistics. The film, along with all the other shorts that were funded through the scheme, was entered into the Priz Europa in Berlin.

Washed Up was located entirely in Thanet’s Botany Bay using local people as extras. Botany Bay is famous for its beautiful sandy beach making it a perfect location for the film.

Joesph Martin the Director and the Director of Photography Mike linforth sitting by a camera watching the action

Joesph Martin the Director and the Director of Photography Mike linforth © Joseph Martin

Man lying on the beach with torn clothes

Opening shot of the film © Joseph Martin

Joseph said: ‘Filming was crazy; we had taken a whole army down there and were the talk of the town. Our set was filled with all this amazing equipment and talent, we had individuals there who had worked with Spielberg and another of the crew had just come straight from working on a Guy Ritchie film. Incredible.’
‘I loved working with such a large crew and in such a difficult location. It gave me the sort of experience no other student will have. I managed to cope when I could have easily been overwhelmed and now feel more proven as a director. I know now I can deal with whatever is thrown at me.’

Botany Bay is a sandy bay in the Thanet district of Kent and offers views of chalk stalks and the sea whilst being set against white cliffs. Productions that have been filmed at this location include Humans (2016), The Tunnel: Sabotage (2016) and D-Day: The Last Heroes (2013).


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