Darwin’s Dangerous Idea (2009)

Andrew Marr in Darwin's Dangerous Idea

Andrew Marr in Darwin’s Dangerous Idea © BBC

Andrew Marr’s Darwinian journey brings him to Kent.

Production Company: BBC, The Open University

Kent Locations: Castle Farm, Shoreham

Presented by Andrew Marr, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea explores how Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution has had an impact, not only on our understanding of natural selcetionm but many other aspects of our lives, including the way in which we view religion, philosophy and even politics. The programme examines why his ideas were so controversial and why some still consider them contentious today.

Andrew Marr journeyed across the world tracing the impact of Darwin’s work from Europe to South America. One of the places he visits along the way was Castle Farm near Shoreham! Castle Farm is famous for its Lavender crop whose vibrant colour attract visitors every year to marvel at its beaut. However, on this occasion, it was the farm’s winter crops that brought the programme makers to Shoreham.

The programme is one of many in the BBC’s Darwin Season which celebrates the 200th Anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th Anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species.

The series began on BBC 2 on the 5th March 2009 at 9 pm.


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