Filmsteps Step Up To The Maidstone Challenge!

A boy holding a camera and a girl holding a clapperboard

Children Filming © Filmsteps

Filmmaking opportunities for 7-16 year olds in Maidstone!’

Filmstepsprovides children aged 7-16 a fantastic opportunity to get involved in filmmaking in their local areas and learn practical media skills. The company, founded by Alex Cooper, hopes to engage as many children as possible with after school classes, sessions running every weekend during term time, summer film schools, as well as special events and workshops.
Children filming

Filming © Filmsteps

The five-day summer film school offers children a fantastic learning experience as well as a unique way of spending their summer holidays! The children work as a team on a fast track course in all aspects of filmmaking, creating their own mini feature film. This is then premiered at a local cinema, allowing the budding filmmakers to show family and friends their films on the big screen.  After the screenings, there is an award ceremony for all the participants, with awards given to recognise their hard work in scriptwriting, directing, story boarding, acting and every other discipline.

‘Filmsteps is available for children of different backgrounds. We are looking for sponsors who would like to sponsor a child who may not necessarily be able to afford the film school, but has already shown great potential at home or at school with the skills involved in filmmaking’  -Terri

The Filmsteps Sponsored Places Scheme (SPS) aims to engage children and young people who would not otherwise be able to afford such workshops and opportunities.  Working alongside selected charities, children are given a valuable experience away from their regular lives. Learning new skills and meeting new people is a key element of a child’s life and heavily influences their happiness, confidence and development.  Sponsoring a child at Filmsteps can provide a focus and keen direction in life, encouraging their education and a better chance of pursuing a career in the creative industries.

‘Great! Fabulous! Amazing! Super fun!!!’
Eleanor (aged 8 yrs)

Established in 2007, Filmsteps has already fulfilled great expectations and aims to develop and expand. There are many possible avenues to explore, such as a Filmsteps+ Club which will provide opportunities for anyone over the age of 16 to get involved and learn about the process of film making; an idea which has already attracted lots of interest, particularly by the parents!!!  Filmsteps would also like to provide the young crews with the opportunity to use ‘green screen’ in their upcoming Animation Course at Christmas and over time aim to extend the Filmsteps franchise to more locations.