Ken Russell returns to Herne Bay

Image of Ken Russell

Ken Russell returns to Herne Bay

45 years after the filming of ‘French Dressing’, Ken Russell returns to Herne Bay

Oscar winning director Ken Russell returned to Herne Bay, 45 years after he filmed his first feature film ‘French Dressing’ there.

The organisers of the annual Herne Bay Festival chose French Dressing as this years Screen on the Green Feature Film. The Guest of Honour himself introduced the film to the crowd who had turned out to see the controversial director in the flesh.

Filmed in black and white, French Dressing is a comedy set in the fictional town of Gormleigh by the Sea. Amusing Antics ensue when two residents, Jim and Henry, come up with a plan to revamp their town with a guest appearance at the town’s festival from the sexy French film star, Francois Fayol.

Surprisingly the actress accepts their invitation, but things go slightly awry when the damp British weather and endless problems cause Francois to leave before the grand opening of the local naturist beach!

In an interview with Kent TV, Ken Russell cited Herne Bay as having a ‘unique quality’, which enticed the producers to locate the filming in the town. The lovely seaside resort Herne Bay features prominently throughout the film with the opening titles showing the famous long pier, which, sadly, has long since perished.