Waybuloo (2009)

The Piplings animated creatures doing yogo

The Piplings doing yogo © CBeebies/The Foundation

Kent based The Foundation launches a new programme on CBeebies

RDF Media Group ” The Foundation


A new children series entitled Waybuloo has been launched on CBeebies and features De LI, Lau Lau, Nok Tok and Yojojo, 4 new CGI characters who live in a Japanese style garden called Nara.

The Piplings © CBeebies/The Foundation

The Piplings, as they are collectively known, are joined by real children to partake in yogo, which can only be described as a child version of yoga.  Each episode tenderly tackles a social or emotional issue, such as sharing, and it is only when the problem is resolved and the Piplings achieve true happiness that they float and cheer Buloo!

Waybuloo has been bought to the screens by Kent based RDF production company ‘The Foundation’, which has previously been responsible for Dani’s House, Scorpion Island and Big Barn Farm. Alas, due to the BBC’s strict nations quota, the programme itself was actually filmed in a giant warehouse in Scotland.

Waybuloo is shown on CBeebies at regular intervals.


For more information about filming in Kent contact: filmoffice@kent.gov.uk

For more information about The Foundation: http://www.zodiakmedia.com/our-companies/kids/companies/the-foundation.php

For more information about the programme: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1361469/

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