Close Encounters

Close Encounters Postcard

Close Encounters Postcard © Kent Film Office


Prize Draw Winners Announced!

In August, Kent Film Office encouraged you to send in your Kentish filming experiences, whether they were behind the scenes videos and pictures or stories and tales of when a film or television production came to your town.

The entries received have helped us map out Kent’s filming history so far and allowed us to develop Kent’s very own online Movie Map.

From all the entries received and entered in to our Close Encounters prize draw, 3 people have been selected at random winning our exclusive prizes.

The winners

The third prize winner is Michael Davies who has won two tickets to the locations featured in The Other Boleyn Trail. This includes Dover Castle, Hever Castle, Penshurst place and the Knole.

The second prize winner is Anne Crockford who has won a selection of film and TV DVDs which feature a Kent connection.

The overall prize winner is Penny Ayling who has won a prize that money can’t buy, an exclusive tour of one the worlds biggest film studios, The Pinewood Studios!

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition and prize draw. Although there won’t be anymore prizes, please keep your stories coming in and help us make the Kent Movie Map something to be proud of.