Alan Davies Teenage Revolution (2010)

Alan Davies Teenage Revolution © Channel 4

Alan Davies Teenage Revolution © Channel 4

This three-part documentary is a quirky history of the Eighties, told through Alan Davies’ eyes as a teenager growing up in the decade.

Production Company: Oxford Film and Television Production

Kent Filming Locations:  Cathedral gate and Buttermarket areas of Canterbury

In this series, Alan Davies returns to his Essex roots to rediscover his rebellious schoolboy years and explore the eighties through the heroes that defined the decade for him.

It’s also a story of racial tensions, as Alan looks at Britain at a time of mass unemployment and inner city riots.  He sets out to confront the leader of the local skinhead gang who  terrorised his teenage years, but he also explores some uncomfortable truths about his own conduct as a teenager along the way.

Filming in Kent took place in the cathedral gate and Buttermarket areas of Canterbury .

Canterbury is a historic cathedral city with parks and open spaces, shopping areas, bars and restaurants and has previously featured on screen in projects such as Take Me Out – Series 8 (2016) Terry and Mason’s Great Food Trip (2015) The Apprentice (2014).

Alan Davies’Teenage Revolution will be shown Channel 4, Thursday 9 September, 9pm


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