How To Live A Simple Life 2010

Peter Owen Jones goes back to basics shown holding a chicken under each arm © BBC

Peter Owen Jones goes back to basics shown holding a chicken under each arm © BBC

Anglican priest, Peter Owen Jones, recreates the live of St Francis of Assisi

Production Company: BBC

Kent Filming Locations:   Greyfriars, Canterbury

In this major new BBC TWO series, Anglican priest, Peter Owen Jones, has challenged himself to live a more simple life, inspired by St Francis and Jesus’ sermon in the Gospel to live a life of “voluntary poverty” as the key to deeper relations with both nature and our fellow beings.

Over the course of three one-hour episodes, viewers will see Peter grow his own crops, raise chickens, barter his skills for cuts of meat and even live without money. He has to rely on the kindness of his community in Firle, Sussex and even total strangers as he searches for food and accommodation.

Some of the filming for this series took part in the Greyfriars area of Canterbury where it follows a Fransciscan procession from Greyfriars to Canterbury Cathedral.

After living a simple life, will Peter find that real meaning comes from helping one another rather than from mindless spending and are the best things in life really free?

Canterbury is a vibrant City that offers with two universities and offers modern day city, parks and open spaces, shopping areas to neighbouring quaint, traditional towns. Previous productions that have shot in Canterbury include Bargain Hunt (2012), Songs of Praise (2011) and A Canterbury Tale (1944).

How To Live A Simple Life will be shown on BBC TWO at 21:00 on 7th May 2010


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