Milo Waterfields Lobster Club

Animation of a Lobster and a scuba diver

Animation of a Lobster and a scuba diver © Milo Waterfield

Screen South Digital Shorts presents Milo Waterfield’s Lobster Club

Produced under the Screen South Digital Shorts Programme, Lobster club is a surrealist take on the seedier side of Brits abroad, an animated spectacle which follows a sex tourist at a run down resort who finds himself at the mercy of ‘ Mobster Lobsters’ , when he stumbles unwittingly into their sleazy world. In a strip club unlike any other he meets an alluring dancer who is unlike anyone he has ever seen before. Can he escape or will his lust lead him towards his own demise? At a running time of only six minutes the film manages to pack quite a punch and leave an impression.

Animation of the Lobster Club

Animation of the Lobster Club © Milo Waterfield

No stranger to the world of surrealism, Milo Waterfield’s previous work, HATE! A four part mini series commissioned for the launch of has been described as ‘Britain’s newest-and weirdest- cartoon’ . Kent based Waterfield has been working as an animation and animator director since 1998.

Produced for Channel Four and Screen South, this digital short film will premier on February 10th at the Screen South showcase of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. After this it shall be busy  on  the festival circuit, including the Animated Exeter 2010 ” Screen Out Loud Competition

The Kent Film Office wishes to congratulate Milo on his success and wishes him well in what we are sure will be a bright and successful career.