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Two filmmakers from Kent have been shortlisted for Rushes Soho Shorts, one of the most notable shorts film festivals in the UK.

The non-profit event is acclaimed, nationally and internationally, as being a major platform for the short film genre, with an equal foc

Animation of the Lobster Club

Animation of the Lobster Club © Milo Waterfield

us on emerging and established talent.

170 short films from 23 countries have been selected for competition. Production budgets range from £50 to $2.5million from a wide range of both newcomers and rising talent to long established professionals, from individuals to large multi-national studios. The 23 countries represented this year include Bangladesh, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Lithuania, Uganda, Switzerland, Russia, France, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Côte’ Ivoire, Sweden, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, USA and UK.

Lobster Club, directed by Milo Waterfield, was made in Herne Bay and is in the Official Selection for the Animation category. It is a travelogue of a sex tourist in a land somewhere beyond the sea. Lobster Club is an animated allegory, a kind of modern-day Gulliver’s Travels. Definitely not a carnet de voyage.

Cannon, directed by Jonathan Dennis (c/o Serious Pictures), was made in Tunbridge Wells and is in the Official Selection for the Broadcast Design category.

This year’s festival will take place from 21st to 30th July.