Kent Horror Film to Premier at World Famous Empire Cinema in Leicester Square

The Tapes movie poster

The Tapes movie poster © darksidepictures

The latest Camcorder-style horror to hit the silver screen, The Tapes, is set to premier at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Squareon the 22nd of September 2011.

Following in the footsteps of The Blair Witch Project, the film features the terrifying events that occurred in 2008 when a group of three teenagers decided to film a Big Brother audition tape. Spotting a money making opportunity they decide to film the local party scene and find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The brainchild of Scott Bates, the film has been in the making since 2009 and an abandoned farm in Whitstable became the scene for the disturbing events seen in The Tapes.

Shot during one of the biggest snowfalls of the decade, Faversham born producer Lee Alliston says “ It was never the plan to shoot in the snow and thoughts were going through people’s head as to whether the shoot be abandoned, then it was realised that this was in fact a blessing – a free special effect – some people would pay thousands for snowy scenes but we had it for free – and it really adds to the film, though it had all melted away by day four, luckily we were left with interior scenes.”

As well as the abandoned farm, other locations in Whitstable will also be familiar to local movie-goers: The Rose in Bloom pub in Joy Lane, Tankerton Slopes and Whitstable Harbour all have cameo roles within the film, giving local Kent residents a chance to see a slightly scarier side of the county!

The film features Natasha Sparkes (Victim, Burlesque Fairytales) in her debut film role, alongside seasoned co-star Jason Maza (Adulthood, Rise of the Foot Soldier). This is the second film of Alliston’s to be shot in the County since he set up his production company Darkside

Pictures in 2007, the first being Getting Out in 2008 , which starred Michelle Collins (East Enders, Coronation Street, A Thousand Acres of Sky).

Opening in selected cinemas from September 23rd 2011.

Watch the Trailer below