Bursaries Available for Training with Skillset

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The Skillset TV Fund has announced that it is offering training at a reduced rate for Film and TV Professionals working in the industry.

Training is now being offered in two distinct fields. Both these areas are identified as a priority training area:

Health and Safety

The Production Safety Passport is an industry-led scheme to support the mutual recognition of health and safety training in the Creative Media Industries.

Health and safety skills are needed across a range of creative media sector activities., including film and television production, and Skillset has worked with the industry to create a Health and Safety Framework. This is a cross sector agreement deciding which qualifications or training courses are needed for priority production roles. It practice it means that future training and qualifications you achieve with one employer will be recognised by your next employer.

Your Production Safety Passport will be the complete record of your health and safety training at all the places you’ve worked which employers may access through the Skillset PSP portal.

The TV Skills Fund and Film Fund have pooled resources to provide bursaries in Health and Safety training and Freelance professionals can receive up to 80% (£800) off the cost of the training course and those in permanent employment can gain a maximum of 50% (£500) off the cost of the training course.

Furthermore, there is an additional incentive to receive 50% (up to a maximum of £500)of the cost of a course leading to a qualification, whether you are freelancer or an employee.

Management and Leadership

The Skillset TV Skills Fund Management and Leadership Bursaries provide the opportunity for industry professionals to participate in Continuous Professional Development and access training within the key areas of Management and Leadership. There are a number of courses that are eligible for the bursary: mentoring and coaching, creative leadership, business skills, HR and people management and production management.

Funding available for management and leadership training is up to £1000 for Freelancers or up to £625 for employees.


For more information on any of the courses available please see Skillset: https://www.screenskills.com/training-courses/