Kent Film Maker to screen new film this month

Filming behind the scenes on Leon Chambers 'Office Romance'

Filming behind the scenes on Leon Chambers ‘Office Romance’ © Leon Chambers

Local production company Third Light Films is set to screen their latest short film this week, Office Romance 2.0, which made its debut at the Cameo in Edinburgh earlier this month. The film is to be shown at the Kino Digital Cinema in Hawkhurst on the 14thof October.

Behind the scenes with Leon chambers

Behind the scenes with Leon chambers © Leon Chambers

Leon Chambers, Director of Third Light Films, shot the film entirely in Kent. Locations included in the shoot were Viridor regional Head Office in Kings Hill and a set at Courtyard Studios in Hollingbourne. The film stars Polly Kemp, who is best known for her roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Thick of It.

Chambers had his fair share of difficulties during filming: “The story centres around a photocopier, so I spent the Christmas break constructing a set for the copier room and collecting the props including a very large and heavy photocopier I bought on eBay. As it was approaching Christmas when I collected the copier from a garden shed in Leicester, I named him Clarence. He remained Clarence for the rest of the shoot. Where as Polly was a joy to work with, there were moments when Clarence decided not to perform. They say never work with children and animals. I would add photocopiers to that list.”

Office Romance 2.0 is not the only film Chambers shot in Kent. His widely successful The Long and Lonely Walk was filmed at Mid Kent College in Maidstone. The film has been travelling the world for the last two years, has been screened at twenty three festivals, picking up five awards. His short film Stolen Youth, filmed in and around Marden, picked up the award for Best UK Short at the Canary Wharf Film Festival in 2009.

Tickets to the Kent screening of Office Romance 2.0 are free to all who attend. The show will start at 8pm this Friday.


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