Cold Warrior

Emily giving direction to young star

Emily giving direction to young star © Emily Greenwood

After receiving a small lottery grant from Screen South (South England Film Agency) to direct a short film Sevenoaks based, award winning film writer and director Emily Greenwood has her sights on creating a splash with the release of her feature film Cold Warrior.

Produced by the BAFTA nominated company Wellington Films (London to Brighton, Better Things) the thriller is set in Romania in the run up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The world of gymnastics is rife with allegations of abortion doping by its young stars.  Gymnasts as young as 14 were said to be forcefully impregnated by their trainers and then made to undergo abortions just before competitions.


Emily Greenwood

Emily Greenwood


Filming behind the scenes on Cold Warrior

Filming behind the scenes on Cold Warrior © Emily Greenwood

As the first three months of pregnancy give the expectant mother a surplus of red blood cells, the gymnasts would gain an undetectable boost to their performance. Cold Warrior tells the story of Ana, a talented sportswoman about to step onto the global sporting stage. Fighting the limitations of her talent and the power of the communist state, Ana finds herself with a difficult choice to make.

The film was shot in Nottingham in June 2011, having successfully raised £3500 through Indiegogo’s crowd funding. Emily is now editing the film with the help of Oscar and BAFTA winning Chris Dickens, known for his work ion Slumdog Millionaire.

Emily had this to say about the film “There is no better time than now to make Cold Warrior. The 2012 London Olympics provides me with the perfect opportunity to generate interest in the feature. It’s also a good, original story which I hope will make a refreshing change from today’s uninspired trend of remakes, adaptations and ‘one dimensional’ 3D.

Not believing in leaving a project less than perfect, Emily is currently raising funding for completion of the project:

  • A special one day pick up shoot is needed in order to capture a special effects shot of Ana performing a complex double somersault in slow motion which requires the use of a specialist Photron camera.
  • An original score is proposed for the project
  • Archive footage of former Olympic Gymnast Emilia Eberle is required for use in the film.

Once again using Indiegogo, Emily and the production company are offering “perks” to those who can contribute funds. These perks range from shout outs on the Twitter and Facebook pages to getting an executive producer credit and an invitation to the launch of the film.


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