Mud Men (2012)

Mud Men filming on Folkestone Beach

Mud Men filming on Folkestone Beach © Town Unearthed

Production Company: ITN

Kent locations used: Folkestone

Mud Men, is the History Channel series which follows members of the Mudlarks Society as they hunt for items on the British foreshores.  Presenters Johnny Vaughan and Steve Brooker come to Folkestone to see what they can discover!

The Mud Men – Johnny Vaughan, TV and radio presenter and Steve Brooker, the chairman of the Mudlarks Society,  meet some archaeologists who are trying to save the remains of Roman villa on Folkestone’s East Cliff which is inevitably falling into the sea. They also look back at how the Romans lived, including their diet, clothing and entertainment. Johnny and Steve even try their hand at chariot racing .

Folkestone is a delightful seaside town with an elegant cliff top promenade, lower coastal park, fishing harbour and Victorian water-powered clifftop lifts. In addition,  it has a modern centre which has been re-generated and includes shops and leisure facilities as well as art galleries and an exhibition centre.

Watch the Folkestone episode of Mud Men on Thursday 23rd February 2012 on the History Channel at 22:00.


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