Don’t Get Done Get Dom (2012)

Dominic Littlewood © BBC

Dominic Littlewood © BBC

Production Company: Flame Television

Kent locations used: Sheerness

Don’t Get Done Get Dom is a consumer series presented by Dominic Littlewood who helps members of the general public that have been mistreated by some well-known  companies. In the Kent episode, Dom helps a family from Sheerness who had a bad experience with a national travel agency. Will Dom be able to get compensation from the company and more importantly an apology?

This episode features three families whose holidays were severely disrupted, and all three travel agents claimed that the circumstances were “out of their control” therefore were not responsible for any losses.  Dom takes on the three companies: Thomson, Thomas Cook and to see if he can get them to accept some responsibility and compensate the families.  Dome also investigates who decides which destinations are unsafe to travel to.

Throughout the show Dom tests the knowledge of the general public when it comes to consumer rights. He also teaches someone how to get a better deal on a product or service, which gives them more confidence in making deals with the store assistants and managers.

Dominic Littlewood has fronted many consumer shows including Cowboy Builders, Postcode Lottery and he also regularly presents features on The One Show. Don’t Get Done Get Don is in its sixth series and has been running since 2006, and Dom has taken on major companies such as Nationwide, EDF Energy, Carphone Warehouse and many more.

Sheerness is the largest town on the Isle of Sheppey, which is in north Kent. Sheerness regularly wins the blue flag for its clean beaches it also has lots of pubs, restaurants, shops and heritage attractions. The Hide (2009), Great Expectations (1989) and Top Gear – The Sweeney (2012) have previously used The Isle of Sheppey as a film location.

The Kent episode entitled “Disaster Holiday Zones” airs on BBC1 at 11am on 18th April 2012.


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