The Filmmatrix Launches and holds Future Shorts Film Festival in Canterbury – tickets just £3

The Filmmatrix Logo

The Filmmatrix Logo

Future Shorts is a worldwide pop-up film festival which screens short films and feature-length programme will include films from famous names such Nash Edgerton, Spike Jonze and Sam Taylor-Wood. All film lovers, make sure you go to this event, tickets are just £3!

Madeleine Duggan, creator of The Filmmatrix said: “The idea behind it is to work with Future Shorts to get young people from Canterbury contributing to the organisation of a film festival. It will give them vocational experience and an insight into the other sectors of the film industry – aside from film production.

Future Shorts runs this as a “global pop-up” event, which means that for two months, this festival of seven films has been run by independent organisations or groups of people from all corners of the world. 

The idea behind Future Shorts is to take cinema to the people and to get people more involved in the magic of it behind the scenes.

This festival is the first creative event for The Filmmatrix and, since Future Shorts alone runs quarterly, it will hopefully be the first of many.”

Official Programme of The Future Shorts Festival

Official Programme of The Future Shorts Festival


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