In The Best Possible Taste With Grayson Perry (2012)

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry © Channel 4

Production Company: Seneca Productions

Locations used: Tunbridge Wells, Kings Hill

Artist Grayson Perry comes to Tunbridge Wells to explore the tastes of the British Middle Classes for the second episode of ‘The Best Possible Taste’, using his discoveries of the area as inspiration for a work of art.

During the series, Grayson Perry surrounds himself with people across the social spectrum as he tries to get to grips with society’s differing takes on taste. In this episode he seeks to explore the taste obsessions of the modern middle class person, including vintage furniture, original art and organic food.

He starts this mission in Kings Hill before visiting Tunbridge Wells, a town known for its middle class residents.

Using his experiences as inspiration, Perry creates a set of six tapestries from his findings, two for each of the classes. He hopes that it will tell a story of British class mobility in the 21st Century.  In conclusion to each episode, contributors are invited to view his creations.

Tunbridge Wells is a town in West Kent, home to a host of historic buildings, specialist shops, churches and a busy town centre. Productions which have previously filmed in the area include Britain’s Best Bakery (2012), Terry and Mason’s Great Food Trip (2015) and Hunted (2012).

Kings Hill is a housing and business development built on an airfield site which was used for The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour (1967) and more recently, the area has featured in Couples Come Dine With Me (2014) and Channel 4’s Cape Wrath (2008).

In The Best Possible Taste With Grayson Perry airs on Tuesday 12th June 2012 on Channel 4 at 22.00.


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