The Hotel Inspector (2012)

Alex Polizzi and The Walpole Bay Hotel owners outside the hotel

Alex Polizzi and The Walpole Bay Hotel owners © Channel Five


Production Company: Twofour

Kent Locations Used: The Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate, Thanet

The Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate receives another visit from The Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi, to see how the business has progressed since her last visit a few years ago.

Appearing on the programme in 2009, The Walpole Bay Hotel and its owners were at crisis point, with the team constantly arguing and the hotel desperately seeking a new lease of life.  Alex Polizzi, part of the Rocco Forte hotel dynasty, had lots of advice on how to make the business more successful, including de-cluttering the hotel and modernising the rooms.

Alex returned to The Walpole Bay Hotel in May this year to see the outcome of the changes she suggested in 2009. Will her advice have stuck? Or has the hotel got worse?

The Walpole Bay Hotel is in Cliftonville, near Margate and was built in 1914. Maintaining its Edwardian features along with its sprung, maple floor ballroom it is a delightful location..

Margate is often seen on screen, having being used for previous productions including True Love (2012), The Apprentice (2009), and Last Orders (2002).

The Walpole Bay catch up episode is the last in the current series and will air on Thursday 30th August 2012 at 21:00 on Channel 5.


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