Kent writer and director screens debut film Jeffrey

Daniel Brocklebank  as Jeffrey - sitting on a red sofa

Daniel Brocklebank as Jeffrey


Stephen James is the writer and director behind 2Steaks Productions, a Kent-based company set up in 2012 and Jeffrey is their first release; a quirky and surprisingly intense 20 minute short in which we are introduced to Jeffrey, the quintessentially English eccentric.

Premiered in December 2012, it was filmed over two days and stars Screen Actors Guild Award winner Daniel Brocklebank (Shakespeare in Love, The Hours).

All aspects of the production ooze Jeffrey, from the sumptuously dressed grandiose sets to the script and intense, engaging acting performance from Daniel.. Director Stephen describes himself as an ‘actor’s director’ and places great importance on developing his characters with the actor in rehearsal and through improvisation. His tightly- written script attracted several offers of help from professional crew for this low budget short, and led to the creation of a ‘dream team for future productions’.

2Steaks Productions are currently filming short The Virgin of Glamore, and 2013 looks set to be a busy year for Stephen James as he develops an independent feature and a series of shorts.

2014 update – 2Steaks Productions has also made short film NFA which tells the true story of a homeless woman with no regrets who sees the beauty in life and humble places where others see nothing.