D- Day: The Last Heroes (2013)


Last Heroes of D-Day Presenter Dan Snow standing on a beach

Last Heroes of D-Day Presenter Dan Snow © BBC and Caroline Walsh

Production Company: BBC

Kent locations:  Botany Bay, Minnis Bay, Northdown Park, Northdown House, East Northdown Farm and Nursery 

D-Day: The Last Heroes is a two part BBC One drama-documentary, which focuses on the events that culminated in the D-Day Normandy landings of World War II in 1944. Presented by historian Dan Snow, the series  examines how the analysis of 3D aerial photos helped the Allied Forces win.

A soldier running for a reconstruction of US Infantry on Omaha beach

Last Heroes of D-Day © BBC and Laurence Cendrowicz

The series features a mixture of archive footage, dramatic reconstructions, analysis as well as first hand accounts from surviving soldiers who fought in the war itself.

In September 2012, the D- Day: The Last Heroes production team visited various locations in Thanet including Botany Bay, Minnis Bay and Northdown Park, Northdown House, East Northdown Farm and Nursery to re-create scenes from World War II.

Botany Bay has stunning white cliffs and chalk stacks and is great for rock pooling. Previous productions that have filmed in Botany Bay include Indian film Thaandavam (2012), Sky Atlantic comedy Hunderby (2012) and BBC drama True Love (2012).

Minnis Bay is a long sandy beach with facilities nearby such as a children’s outdoor play area and a sailing club.

Northdown Park is in the Palm Bay area of Margate and has delightful small walled gardens and a large open space, sports pitches and children’s play area.  Also in the park is Northdown House which is a popular wedding venue due.

East Northdown Farm and Nursery is in Margate and has extensive gardens and nurseries, particularly coastal and chalk loving plants.

Don’t miss D- Day: The Last Heroes which will be shown on Sunday 9th June 2013 at 21:10 on BBC One and Monday 10th June 2013 at 21:00 on BBC One.


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For more information on Northdown Park: http://www.kent.gov.uk/leisure-and-community/parks-and-outdoor-activities/find-a-park/northdown-park

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