Global Documentary ‘The Culture High’ To Be Screened At The Gulbenkian

The Culture High Documentary Poster

The Culture High Documentary Poster

The Culture High, a global documentary by award winning documentary makers, takes an all encompassing look at drug policy, science, and the arguments for and against the legalisation of marijuana.

The documentary features interviews by Professor of Criminal Justice, Alex Stevens from the University of Kent. Jason Reed from Sittingbourne was  Associate Producer and Canterbury and Whitstable featured in the documentary, providing backdrops to interviews.

The film premiered at Raindance Film Festival and had a nod towards the Oscar longlist. It is being screened at Canterbury’s Gulbenkian Theatre on 27th January. Jason Reed will be introducing the film and Professor Alex Stevens will host a criminology panel discussion.

Reed recalls: “It was certainly an honour to take part in a film with such heavy local links. To receive an Oscar nod was a crowning achievement to a process that took over two years for myself, and four years for the rest of the international crew.”

The Culture High, features some of today’s most influential people including Barack Obama, Richard Branson and Snoop Dog, and has gained new and unprecedented footage showing moving testimonies from both sides of the spectrum.

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