Kent Based Independent Filmmakers of ‘Ghost Nets’ Start Kickstarter Campaign


Canterbury based film director, Mark Bousfield has set his sights on Sundance Film Festival 2016 with his new project. Ghost Nets is a startling British Drama that will make you think twice about the powers of the sea and the consequences of digging too deep into what the sea brings ashore.

Ghost Nets will be shot entirely on location at Joss Bay, Thanet, with the landscape being integral to the sense of isolation. This is a film written about Kent and filmed in Kent. Bousfield has cited the unique beauty of the local seashore as key to the film’s future success, saying “It provides a lunar-like landscape; alien looking rock formations and crows lurking around, populate the cliff face.  At Joss Bay the setting becomes another character and nature provides a performance too.”

Starring Bruce Lawrence (Casualty, Doctor Who), Joe Sowerbutts (Casualty, Doc Martin) and local talent, Charlotte Mounter, Ghost Nets takes a no-holds barred look at what happens when three friends make a grim discovery while beachcombing. The film examines how their experience changes the relationship between the trio.

“Ghost Nets is at heart about people and family, it’s about putting people under moments of stress and seeing who they really are as well as who they thought they were” said Bousfield, who has worked as a director on projects internationally for the last ten years.

“This is a film I’ve wanted to make for years and now for the first time I have found the perfect storm, the right location, and most importantly the right cast.  These actors are invested; they are living that nightmare on the beach as we speak preparing themselves for high tide.”

Ghost Nets will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign which can be found here: