Channel 4 series Born On casting in the Whitstable area!

Born On


New Channel 4 social history documentary series Born On are urgently seeking some supporting artists for filming in March.

The programme takes 3 people who were all born on exactly the same date – each with their own amazing stories – and interviews them about their lives and experiences. The programme uses archive footage, interviews and drama reconstructions to give a personal view of the history of our nation.

The production are filming in the Whitstable area of Kent on the Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of March , and are looking for local people who might be able to play some of the roles. The parts are non-speaking and are re-enactments of real-life events which happened between the 1940’s and the present day, as recounted by those who experienced them.

As such the scenes are shot in an almost ‘dreamlike’ way, using lots of close-ups and soft focus and do not necessarily require professional actors.

They are casting for people who fit the following descriptions:

  • Boy aged around 8/9, short, dark brown, cropped hair. Brown eyes.
  • Man in early/mid 40’s, quite heavily built with thick dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Preferably bearded. Height around 5ft9
  • Man in early/mid 40’s, slim build, tall and either bald or fair-haired with receding hairline. 5ft11 approx.
  • Man in early/mid 30’s, tall, slim, short dark hair
  • Man in late 20’s/early 30’s, average build, short fair hair

For further information or to submit your interest, please contact George Hill on 0207 424 7699 or