Making Noise Quietly (2018)


Two male actors from the film walking in a field and talking to each other on a sunny day

Making Noise Quietly ©Open Palm Films


Director: Dominic Dromgoole

Writers: Nick Drake, Mark Rosenblatt and based on the play by Robert Holman

Starring: Luke Thompson, Matthew Tennyson, Trystan Gravelle, Barbra Martin, Deborah Findlay

Production Company: Open Palm Films

Kent Locations Used: Hadlow and Ightham Mote

Making Noise Quietly is a trilogy showing the effects of war on the lives of ordinary people. The drama follows three main stories with the themes of friendship, grief and peace amid the ravages of war.

The first story of the film is the story of conscientious objector Oliver and painter Eric, meeting for a picnic in Kent in the summer of 1945. Over the course of the segment, the two begin to understand each other’s very different perspectives.

Part two jumps forward in time to the Falklands war in 1982, when a naval officer visits a mother to tell her that her son has died in the conflict.

The third segment is centred on former soldier, Alan and his young son, Sam, as they meet concentration camp survivor Helene in the Black Forest of Germany in 1986.

This first time feature film directed by Dominic Dromgoole. The Objector, Oliver, is played by Luke Thompson (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, In the Club) and his fried Eric is played by Matthew Tennyson (Pride, Babylon). The naval officer played by Greggory Streatfield, (The Other Boleyn Girl, Kinky Boots) and the grieving mother May is played by Barbra Martin, (Causality, Between Two Women). Helene, the concentration camp survivor is played by Deborah Findlay (Jackie, Jane Eyre). The father is played by Trystan Gravelle (Anonymous, Mr Selfridge) and the film also introduces Orton O’Brien as his young son.

The production filmed in Kent for the first segment of the film and transformed Hadlow College Farm Shop into a 1940’s shop, where Oliver and Eric visit in the film.

Hadlow is situated in Tonbridge and Malling and is home to the UK’s leading land-based agricultural college. It has been used as a previous film location for the TV series Lost Horizons: Pandemic.

Production also filmed at Ightham Mote which is a 14th century moated manor house located in Tonbridge & Malling and was owned by medieval knights, courtiers to Henry VIII as well as high-society Victorians. Past productions filmed at this house have been Antiques roadshow 2016. There was also a scene filmed at the Pratt Contemporary Art Gallery located in Ightham.

The debut feature film Making Noise Quietly will be screening at the Lake’s Main House theatre on 1st July 2018 at 7.15pm to raise money for the theatre’s work with young people. The film will then be officially released in the UK in early 2019.


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