Indie feature film ‘The Blazing Cannons’, partly filmed in Kent, screened at Folkestone’s Silver Screen Cinema in 2018 and secures worldwide deal with ITN Distribution


The Blazing Cannons Movie Poster with the two main actors depicted in it.

The Blazing Cannons Movie Poster ©Ben Shockley


An indie feature film party shot in Kent, that had a screening at Folkestone’s Silver Screen Cinema in 2018, has gone on to secure a worldwide deal with ITN Distribution.

It has had several public screenings in the UK including a special showing at the prestigious Regent Street Cinema in London.

The film is called The Blazing Cannons which is a spoof comedy cop buddy movie and stars Ben Shockley and Mark Noyce who both co-wrote and co-directed the movie. The film also features cameos from Steven Arnold best known for playing Ashley in Coronation Street, and Shaun Williamson who played Barry in Eastenders, and Ricky Gervais’s Extras. It was largely shot in Peterborough but some scenes were shot at Mu Mu’s Nightclub in Maidstone.

It’s about two seventies obsessed cops called Saxon and Steel who are on the trail of a serial killer in a local town. They think they’re the bees knees but they are in fact just a couple of idiots…but they mean well.

The Blazing Cannons is based on buddy tv shows of the 70’s such as Starsky and Hutch starring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul and the western tv series Alias Smith and Jones starring Pete Duel, Ben Murphy and later Roger Davis. The film makers have even given the film a 70’s grade, with added jump-cuts, and lines and dots in the edit to make the film look older.

It’s also a nod to such 70’s acting icons such as Clint Eastwood and the late Burt Reynolds both of whom got a mention in the film. The actor Geoffrey Deuel who played Billy ‘the Kid’  opposite John Wayne in the 1970 western Chisum also gets a mention in the credits along with his brother the late Pete Duel. The film makers had an email from Geoffrey Deuel to say he was very pleased to be mentioned along with his brother.

The Blazing Cannons was filmed over a two year period mainly at weekends and a few blocks during week days and was totally self financed. It was a pretty smooth shoot. Scheduling was the only difficult issue at times say Ben and Mark. How to arrange everybody you needed for the same particular shoot date. We were lucky. Everybody got along with one another too which isn’t always the case.

Locally based Kent film site ‘Brit Flicks’ carried out a set visit during the shoot (which they are always up for doing by the way), and made a cracking featurette about the making of the film, and wrote the following quote: ‘Ridiculously funny. Not so much a nod to 70’s cop shows but an uncontrollable head shake!’

Film critic Jane Foster calls it ‘Honest and unpretentious’, ‘In terms of sheer bravado, enthusiasm, and concept this film scores just fine’, and finishes with, ‘Has the sort of appeal, that in the fullness of time, turned the makers of such films like Sharknaedo into very successful film makers’.

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