Film Friendly Pledge

The Kent Filming Partnership aims to develop Kent as a film friendly county because it recognises the opportunities for inward investment, tourism and PR the film & TV industries can bring to Kent.

It is the responsibility of the partners to proactively take positive action to promote, support and enable film-making to be attracted to and take place in Kent and showcase this to the creative industries.

The Kent Filming Partnership fulfils its duty of care to local residents by ensuring that Kent citizens and businesses benefit from filming yet disruption is kept to a minimum.

The Partnership Pledge

  • The Kent Film Office will strive to ensure that the partnership is able to work together as an effective body and that the lines of communication between all partners remain open.
  • The local public and private bodies of Kent, including local authorities and police, pledge to make Kent a film friendly region by working within the guidelines of the Kent Filming Partnership and the Best Practice Guide.
  • The creative industries agree to abide by the A-Z Filming Guidelines, in addition to the legal requirements imposed on filming.

The Kent Filming Partnership as a whole agrees to:

  • Act in a professional, honest and open manner in all our communications.
  • Be flexible in our approach to the needs of others.
  • Be accountable for our own actions.
  • Ensure that we instill trust in one another so that this is reflected in our dealings.

Key Stakeholder Actions

The Kent Film Office will:

  • Be the main point of contact for all filming in Kent in order to minimise administration and deliver a timely, consistent, first class service to the creative industries.
  • Ensure the county’s offer in terms of locations, crews and facilities receives maximum exposure.
  • Work with local authorities and location owners on filming requests
  • Ensure that film crews are covered by at least £5 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Ensure that productions inform local businesses and residents when any filming may cause disruption e.g. traffic management. Production letters are to include details of the Kent Film Office.
  • Identify potentially problematic shoots, e.g. stunts, and make the relevant authorities aware in a timely fashion, to allow timely decisions regarding the feasibility of the shoot and any preparation time. Seek permission from production companies to initiate and co-ordinate PR opportunities, including credits, arising from any significant filming in the county, particularly during the time of first release.
  • Collate data from all the partnership organisations and visiting production companies regarding filming activity and production spend in the county for the purposes of providing statistical information to funding agencies and government reports, enhancing Kent’s standing in the film industry and encouraging support from the private sector.
  • Offer support and advice to local and private bodies within the partnership
  • Act as a go-between creative industries and private and public bodies in case of dispute.

The local public and private bodies of Kent acknowledge that working together within the partnership will ensure the maximum benefits to Kent in terms of attracting and managing filming. They will:

  • Support the Kent Film Office to become the first point of call for all productions wishing to film in Kent.
  • Fully commit to, actively encourage and support the creative industries in Kent.
  • Communicate effectively with the partners.
  • Recommend suitable locations in their area to be put forward for a location brief.
  • Provide relevant data to the Kent Film Office.
  • Keep the Kent Film Office informed with regards to local filming policies in their area such as charges, staff changes, deadlines etc.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding filming in the region where appropriate.
  • Allow the partnership to share in PR opportunities whenever possible.

If you are a production company, an agency, facilities company or have a location based in Kent and would like to join the Kent Filming Partnership; please download and sign a copy of Kent Filming Partnership and email to along with a jpg copy of your logo.