The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders (1965)

Director: Terence Young Writer: Denis Cannan, Roland Kibbee based on Daniel Defoe’s novel “Moll Flanders” Starring: Kim Novak, Richard Johnson, Angela Lansbury Production Company: Winchester Productions Locations used: Chilham – village square, St Mary’s Church and Chilham Castle Based on Daniel Defoe’s novel Moll Flanders, the 1965 adaptation titled The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders is […]

The Collector (1965)

Directed By: William Wyler Starring: Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar, Maurice Dallimore Production Company:  Collector Company, Columbia Pictures Corporation Kent locations used: Gabriel’s Manor in Edenbridge and Westerham Village The Collector is a psychological thriller based on the fantasies of Freddie Clegg (Terence Stamp). His obsession with collecting beautiful objects begins innocently with butterflies. However, after […]

Doctor Who – The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964)

William Hartnell as Doctor Who

  Director: Richard Martin Starring: William Hartnell, Carole Ann Ford, Jacqueline Hill and William Russell Production Company: BBC Kent locations used: St John’s Hole Quarry The Dalek Invasion of Earth is a six part story of popular sci-fi show, Doctor Who, starring William Hartnell. The Doctor and his three companions, Ian, Barbara and Susan, land in […]

French Dressing (1964)

French Dressing Poster

  Director: Ken Russell Starring: James Booth, Roy Kinnear, Marisa Mell Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation, Kenneth Harper Production Kent Locations Used: Herne Bay, Kings Hall, Medway Queen Paddle Steamer French Dressing is a comedy film set in the fictional seaside town of Gormleigh-on-Sea about a deckchair attendant, Jim Stephens (James Booth) who is deputised […]

Dr Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1964)

Dr Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (1964) Directed by: James Neilson Starring: Patrick McGoohan, George Cole, Michael Hordern, Tony Britton, Sean Scully, Alan Dobie Production Company: Walt Disney Productions Kent Locations Used: Romney Marsh, St Clement’s Church Old Romney In 18th Century England, the Vicar of Dymchurch (Patrick McGoohan) takes on the alias of The […]

Dunkirk (1958)

  Directed By:  Leslie Norman Screenplay: David Devine and W.P. Lipscomb Based on: “The Big Pickup” by Trevor Dudley Smith, and “Dunkirk” by Major J.S. Bradford and Lt. Col. Ewan Butler Starring: John Mills, Robert Urquhart, Ray Jackson, Meredith Edwards, Bernard Lee, Richard Attenborough, Sean Barrett, Maxine Audley Production Company: Ealing Studios Kent Filming Locations: Teston […]

The Long Memory (1953)

  Director: Robert Hamer Starring: John Mills, John McCallum, Elizabeth Sellars Production Company: J. Arthur Rank Organisation , Europa, British Film-Makers Kent Locations Used: Gravesend, Stangate Creek The Long Memory is a black and white 1953 film based on the 1951 novel of the same name by Howard Clewes. The crime thriller is about Philip Davidson […]

O Dreamland (1953)

Dreamland © Markus Kellmann

Director: Lindsay Anderson Kent Filming Location: Dreamland, Margate O Dreamland is a short documentary film made in 1953 by just the director Lindsay Anderson and a cameraman and is about amusement park Dreamland in Margate. The film takes the audience on a tour of Dreamland in Margate and its various attractions such as bingo, arcades, […]

Green Grow the Rushes (1951)

Green Grow the Rushes screenshot at Romney Marsh

Director: Derek N. Twist Writer: Howard Clewes Stars: Roger Livesey, Honor Blackman, Richard Burton Production Company: Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T.) Kent Locations Used: New Romney, Romney Marsh British comedy film Green Grow the Rushes is based on the 1949 novel of the same name by Howard Clewes. Captain Biddle (Roger Livesey) smuggles alcohol along with […]

Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951)

Black and white image of a beauty pageant - girls on the stage with an audience watching

Director: Frank Launder Writers: Frank Launder, Val Valentine Starring: Pauline Stroud, Dennis Price, John McCallum, Stanley Holloway, Diana Dors Production Company: ZSA Kent location used: Folkestone – The Leas Cliff Hall, The Metropole, Rotunda Amusement Park and Folkestone West Train Station Lady Godiva Rides Again is a British comedy film about a small town girl who […]