Scrapheap Challenge (2005)


The two teams gathered on the beach in Margate

The two teams gathered on the beach in Margate © Thanet District Council

Production Company:  RDF Media

Kent Filming Locations: Margate

In 2005, Scrapheap Challenge came to Margate and invited two teams to construct a vehicle that could travel both on land and in the sea. The programme challenges two teams on a weekly basis to construct a vehicle made entirely from scrap in 10 hours. The two teams then face each other in a battle to win a place in the series final.

In this episode of Scrapheap Challenge, a team of Forklift Drivers (The Powerlifters) battled against a team of Army Helicopter Pilots (Apache Wariors) to build an amphibious car. Their underwater adventure provided hilarious results, particularly from the Apache Warriors, who ended updragging a buoy half way round the course!

The amphibious vehicle returning from its mission

The amphibious vehicle returning from its mission © Thanet District Council

Margate offers a wide and diverse range of attractions including a sandy beach, harbour, arcades, and historic architecture that are appealing to both tourists and film companies alike. Productions that have filmed in the area include Edge of Heaven (2014), True Love (2012), and The Apprentice (2009).

The town has recently seen a surge in filming interest,  for example the filming of Exodus, which culminated in the burning of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Waste Man’ at Margate’s Dreamland.

The Margate episode of Scrapheap Challenge was shown in 2005.


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