Derren Brown: Fear and Faith (2012)


Derren Brown "holding" light which is shining on his face

Derren Brown © Channel 4

Production Company: Objective Productions

Kent locations used: Discovery Park, Sandwich

Derren Brown’s series, “The Specials”, continues with another two-part episode, Fear and Faith, which is an extraordinary experiment that looks at the placebo effect. Participants who have crippling fears are given a new evolutionary drug that “eradicates fear”, but, what they don’t know, is the drug is completely fake. Will they be able to overcome their fears just by the belief in the drug?

Derren’s participants suffer from fears that are affecting their every days lives – Nick suffers from social anxiety meaning he is scared of strangers and confrontation, Daniel has a fear of heights while Dan also has a fear of heights as well as bridges and actress Katie is petrified of singing in public.

The programme charts each of their journeys as they start to take the “drug” with Derren hoping it will prove the placebo effect does indeed work.

Discovery Park in Sandwich is the former Pfizer site and consists of a large office complex with science labs, warehouses and plants. The Fear and Faith crew used Discovery Park as the head quarters for the fake pharmaceutical company.

Derren Brown: Fear and Faith was on Channel 4 on Friday 9th November 2012 at 21:00 and can be seen on 4oD.


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