New Kit Kat advert featuring a dramatic car chase in Kent!


Port with cranes

Sheerness Port © Kent Film Office

The latest Kit Kat advert is an action packed spoof of “The Sweeney” and was filmed at The Port of Sheerness!

With a high speed car chase between police and bad baddies wearing masks, you may be mistaken into thinking it’s a film trailer, however, when they all stop to enjoy a quick snack and chat about the traffic, you’ll soon realise that it’s an advert for Kit Kat.

Vas Blackwood, one of the crew of ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ stars in the advert as one of the cops.

Sheerness Port was originally built as a fort to protect the River Medway from naval invasion, and then became a Royal Navy Dockyard, where warships could be repaired and provisioned and the Sheerness area has welcomed filming from productions such as The Sweeney (2012), The Hide (2009), as well as TV programmes such as Don’t Get Done, Get Dom (2012).

You can watch Kit Kats adrenaline packed advert here: