Experimental WW1 film Time Bleeds success!

Time Bleeds

In February 2013, Kent based production company Viola Films created Time Bleeds, a ground-breaking experimental documentary about World War One looking at the question what if we forget? The film has been a great success, receiving positive reviews and has been screened in a variety of venues.

The film was inspired by works such as Peter Watkins ‘The War Game’ and Gillian Wearing’s ‘Self Made’ and brought a group of people together who lived their lives in and around the seaside town of Folkestone which acted as a gateway to the war for over eight million troops. The film was cast with non-actors who were placed through method acting workshops to feel what it might have been like to live through the Great War.

Screenings of the film have been held at the Imperial War Museum in London, Eastbourne and Kent’s The Turner Contemporary in Margate, Folkestone Fringe at the Triennial, the Royal Engineers Museum as well as many schools.

Samuel Supple, the film’s director said: ‘I wanted to make something for my generation to mark the centenary something that really hits home the fact that if we were born a hundred years earlier it would be us populating the Battlefields, the hospital wards & the mass the graveyard.’ 

Time Bleeds  itself has also inspired a Heritage Lottery funded project called ‘For The Fallen’ where film makers across Europe made their own films inspired by the hard hitting experimental documentary.

To watch Time Bleeds: https://vimeo.com/86938256