Feature film Second Spring fund raising to shoot in Medway!

SECOND SPRING - shadow of a lady with a tree and buildings in the background

SECOND SPRING © Late Autumn Ltd and Jo O’Hanlon

Second Spring is an absorbing story about a woman’s struggle for self-control after being diagnosed with a rare mental illness. The production is planning to film in Medway in 2016 and need your help to fund the film! 

The film follows passionate archaeologist Kathy Deane who not feeling herself, sees a specialist and is diagnosed with a rare mental illness. Kathy decides to leave her husband for another man who takes her to his childhood home, the beguiling Hoo Peninsula, and it is here that she reconnects with herself and finds hope for her future.

Starring Cathy Naden (Forced Entertainment), Jerry Killick, (Galloping Minds), Matthew Jure (Night Bus, Undertow) and Indra Ove (Interview with a Vampire), the film is the directorial feature debut of Andy Kelleher, after years of making short films. The script is written by Martin Herron, (Irina Palm, School for Seduction).

The production are seeking £75,000 of investment to finish the film and are offering investors an initial recoupment offer of 125% of their original investment plus an equity stake of global net profits. We have also received HMRC SEIS Advance Approval and can utilise this investment option if required.

Why should you invest?

• 20% already shot to a high standard

• Producers already self-funded (£20k) and dedicated to making the film

• Writer’s last film grossed $12m

• Films tone and style is very suitable to key Film Festivals

• Very talented cast and crew attached

• Budget is very low, minimising risk whilst not hindering quality. This offers a unique opportunity to an investor to have talented professionals working for very little out of sheer passion for the project.

• HMRC has pre-approved the SEIS investment

• Curzon (UK) and Pyramide (France) are interested distributors

• Bankside (UK) and The Match Factory (Germany) are interested Sales Agents and tracking the films progress

• Talent in front of and behind the camera are likely to have successful careers and create bankable names in the future which would help continued

revenue for Second Spring

• Investors will be offered a screen credit, screening tickets, set visits

For more information about the film visit: www.secondspringthefilm.com

Investment brochures are available on request. Contact Andy Kelleher: andy@whitedolphinfilms.co.uk or +447931 991284