Kent Production Company signs award winning author Lucy Van Smit set to make TV writing debut in exciting new Nordic noir mystery!

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Kent production company Lost Eye Films have just signed award winning author Lucy Van Smit. With a Bath Children’s Novel Award and Chicken House Books behind her, The Hurting author Lucy Van Smit’s TV writing debut is not to be missed. Winners of the London Independent Film Festival 2017, Lost Eye Films, have just signed the accomplished novelist to write a new Nordic noir mystery TV series.

Lucy van Smit is an award-winning author and screenwriter who’s novel The Hurting won the inaugural Bath Children’s Novel Award and was acquisition by Barry Cunningham of Chicken House Books, JK Rowling’s publishers no less. Whilst having worked in TV before including travelling worldwide for NBC News and making documentaries for Canadian TV, this will be Smit’s first official venture into writing for Television.

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Lost Eye Films Ltd. is an award-winning UK based independent film and TV production company, which has seen much success with feature films like The Gatehouse winning the London Independent Film Festival 2017 and The Rizen being selected for The London International Festival of Sci-Fi. Lost Eye Films acquired the script for this Nordic noir TV series from Hollywood’s Isaac Ruth. Given the acclaim Lucy Van Smit has gained for her Nordic noir novel The Hurting, Lost Eye Films producer Clare Pearce saw Lucy as the perfect fit to adapt the script for television. The series promises to be worthy of a Stranger Things level of binge watching with such prominent forces behind it.


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