Junk Rescue – Series 2 (2019)

Presenters Zoe Pocock (wearing a pink jumpsuit) and Danny Sebastian (wearing a patchwork waistcoat and jeans) in Junk Rescue pictured sitting down together on a wooden box and smiling at the camera.

Presenters Zoe Pocock and Danny Sebastian in Junk Rescue ©Muck N Brass

Starring: Zoe Pocock and Danny Sebastian
Production Company: Hello Halo
Kent Locations Used: The Historic Dockyard Chatham

CBeebies Junk Rescue (2018-) is back! The series shows how the things we throw away can be turned into something useful, through combining traditional crafts and creative child-led makes.

The Kent episode Frayed Yarn, involves Danny, Zoe, and their Junkyard Helpers finding some frayed yarn in the junkyard. Zoe and the helpers then make something out of sewing leftovers.

The series stars presenters Zoe Pocock (Horrid Henry: The Movie) and Danny Sebastian (Bargain Hunt).

The Frayed Yarn episode was filmed in the Ropery at The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

Set on the River Medway, The Historic Dockyard Chatham is a popular film location. It offers Georgian and Victorian architecture, maritime environment, dry dock, cobbled streets, and industrial buildings. The Dockyard has previously featured in TV productions such as the Hetty Feather series (2015-2020).

Junk Rescue can be seen on CBeebies on Monday 27th May 2019 at 4.10pm and episodes will air daily till Friday 31st May 2019, ending with the Kent episode.

For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map. 

Big Barn Farm (2008)

Labrador puppy in a field of long grass.

Digger the Puppy © Rdf Media Group

Production Company:  The Foundation

Kent Filming Locations: Stede Court Estate near Maidstone

New to CBeebies, Big Barn Farm tells the adventures of a group of farmyard animals living together and was filmed at Stede Court Estate near Maidstone.

Created and produced by Kent’s  The Foundation, which is part of the RDF media group, the programme combines footage of real animals with animation to create the charming, magical world of Gobo the baby goat, Petal the pig, a puppy called Digger and Dash the donkey.

Children will love the stories around the day-to day adventures of these animal characters and their many other farmyard friends – and the mischief they get into! Big Barn Farm is told from the animal’s point of view and provides a unique inside into their world.

Stede Court Estate is classic looking farm complete with two beautiful cottages, a coachhouse and a wooden barn; it was these classic features that made it perfect for the programme.

Maidstone lies on the River Medway and is the county town of Kent offering shopping areas, bars and restaurants and parks. It is close to many tourist attractions, such as Kent Life and Leeds Castle and is also home to The Maidstone Studios Take Me Out (2010-2019), Later… with Jools Holland (2015) and Couples Come Dine With Me (2014) have all filmed in the Maidstone area.

Big Barn Farm was shown on Cbeebies weekdays at 4pm from February 2008.

For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map.