The Tunnel: Vengeance (2017)


Actors Clémence Poésy and Stephen Dillane look on at camera in police building

The Tunnel: Vengeance – © Sky Atlantic

Writer: Emilia Di Girolamo

Directors: Anders Engstrom and Giles Bannier

Starring: Clémence Poésy and Stephen Dillane

Production company: Kudos

Kent locations used: The Production was based in the County and locations are across East Kent and France

The Tunnel: Vengeance returns for its final and third series this December. The six-part crime-thriller is set against the backdrop of a refugee crisis in Europe, which leads British detective Karl (Stephen Dillane) to partner with Elise (Clémence Poésy) from the French National Gendarmerie. Together they investigate crimes such as the setting alight of a fishing vessel transporting refugees across the Channel. The series examines themes of terrorism, refugees and the rise of far-right political groups.

In March 2017, the production team, which was based in Sandwich, filmed across East Kent, with locations including Reculver, Botany Bay, Ramsgate Royal Harbour and the Port of Dover.

East Kent is home to spectacular coastal landscapes and historic towns, and boasts excellent transport links to London and western Europe. East Kent has been used for filming by productions such as Liar (2017) and Humans: Series 2 (2016).

Don’t miss the return of The Tunnel: Vengeance, with all the episodes available on Thursday 14 December on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

 Watch the series teaser here:


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Someone Behind the Door (1972)


Someone Behind the Door film poster- image of a mans face, underneath is a smoking gun. Someone Behind the Door written in white on a black background

Someone Behind the Door © GSF

Directed by: Nicholas Gessner

Starring: Anthony Perkins, Charles Bronson & Jill Ireland

Production Company: Comacico, Lira Films, Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC)

Kent Filming Locations Used: Folkestone

Filmed in 1971, Someone Behind the Door stars Charles Bronson as the violent amnesiac caught in a dysfunctional relationship between husband and wife. Anthony Perkins stars as the cuckolded husband to cheating wife Jill Ireland. When Bronson is found on the beach next to the body of a murdered girl, Perkins sees the perfect opportunity to wreak revenge by conditioning Bronson to believe that Perkins’ wife is his own and that her supposed betrayal should be punished.

A chilling crime drama, Someone Behind the Door was shot almost entirely on location in Folkestone. The stunning vista of Folkestone’s beaches and sea views are the perfect backdrop to this dramatic tale. A residential property overlooking the sea from The Leas became home to cast and crew and featured as perkins’ home. The Folkestone beach features as the scene of Bronson’s grisly crime and his inevitable capture by local police.

Folkestone and surrounding areas have been used by productions such as Sky Atlantic drama The Tunnel (2013), Is Anybody There? (2009) and The Battle of Britain (1969).

Someone Behind the Door was released in cinemas in 1972 and can now be purchased on DVD.


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