Sean Bean on Waterloo (2015)

View from Fort Amherst- roofs of houses with the river Medway behind

View from Fort Amherst ©Kentfilmoffice


Starring: Sean Bean

Production Company: Wavelength Films

Kent Locations: Chatham, Fort Amherst

On the 18th June 1815, The Battle of Waterloo was fought between France and the Seventh Coalition; this year will mark the 200th anniversary of that Battle. To honour that anniversary, a two part documentary will air, presented by actor Sean Bean. The documentary will feature evidence from eye witness accounts, along with modern military experts to help tell the story of the conflict. Alongside military experts, Sean Bean will be testing tactics and weapons that were used during the battle and compare them with present day strategies. This documentary is hoping to “provide a ground level perspective” on the Battle.

The documentary has been produced by Independent company, Wavelength Films, and has been commissioned by A+E networks UK. Sean Bean has previously played fictional British soldier, Richard Sharpe on the historical war drama ‘Sharpe’ (5 May 1993 –9 November 2008). Bean himself said “I have always been interested in the story of Waterloo especially since I played the role of Richard”. He also stated that “[Sharpe’s] adventures were based on real events 200 years ago”. When this documentary was first announced Sean Bean stated “I am excited to be following the footsteps of Sharpe and those who fought in the Battle of Waterloo to tell the story of the iconic battle on history.”

Filming for this special documentary has taken place in Belgium and England, and has also included iconic locations like Fort Amherst in Chatham, Medway, Kent which has been used for weapons testing and re-enactments of the battle.

Fort Amherst has tunnels that have featured in many films, such as Sherlock Homles: A Game of Shadows (2011- the tunnels were used as the escape tunnels at the French Resistance in Paris) and The Mission (1986- Fort Amherst’s tunnels were used as part of the convent where Mendoza (Robert De Niro) is being held after he kills his brother).

The program will air on Sunday June 14th June at 10pm on the History UK channel, Sky: 529 and 530 (+1), Virgin Media: 234, BT: 327, TalkTalk: 327.


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Blue Jeans (1977)

Three children sit on a stone wall by the sea. Above them are the words ‘Blue Jeans’. The letter N is shaped like a mouth and is eating a red ice lolly.

Blue Jeans (1977) © Chloë Productions

Director: Hugues Burin des Roziers
Gilles Budin, Michel Gibet, Pierre Marciahl, Daniel Véry
Production Company:
Chloë Productions, Shoot
Kent Locations Used:
Herne Bay

Blue Jeans (1977) is a French film following a group of schoolboys on a study trip to England. Julien Morin finds himself experiencing the pains of first love when he meets another exchange student, the charming older Jean-Pierre.

Directed by Hugues Burin des Roziers, the film stars Gilles Budin as Julien Morin, Michel Gibet as Jean-Pierre, Pierre Marichal as Maurice and Daniel Véry as Talimard. This was the director’s first and only film, and many of the young cast – most of whom had no previous acting credits – also did not appear in any other films.

The children go on a school trip to Herne Bay. Locations featured include the beach, the old Pier (which collapsed into the sea not long after the film was released), Herne Bay Memorial Park, Herne Bay Bowling Club, Central Bandstand, Cain’s Amusements and the old Classic Cinema on Avenue Road (demolished in 1988 and now a block of flats). Various roads also feature including Central Parade, Western Esplanade, Beacon Hill, Victoria Drive which is the home of Julien’s love interest Janet, and Sea View Square which is the home of Julien’s teacher Mr Lavigier (Gérard Croce).

Herne Bay is a coastal resort which is home to the world’s first freestanding purpose built clock tower. Other productions to have filmed there include Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (1973), The Medusa Touch (1978) and Only Fools and Horses: The Jolly Boys Outing (1989).

Blue Jeans (1977) was released in France on Friday 11th February 1977 and is available to purchase on DVD.

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