Grand Designs RIBA House of the Year (2017)

image of white curved building nestled between trees and bushes

Ness Point © Nick Guttridge

Production Company: Talkback Thames  Fremantle Media

Kent Locations Used: Ness Point, Granville Rd, St Margaret’s Bay

Grand Designs is known for featuring awe inspiring domestic architecture, from ultra-modern builds to stylish period renovations. The House of the Year Award special will feature seven properties across the four episodes.  The show will be presented by Kevin McCloud and the final Episode on 28th November will announce the 2017 winner of the Royal Institute of British Architects House Of The Year Award.

image of white house interior with window overlooking the sea

Ness Point © Nick Guttridge

Episode 3 features Ness Point in St Margaret’s -at- Cliffe in East Kent.

St Margaret’s Bay is a small beach bay close to the famous white chalk cliffs. It is said this beach is where the sun first rises in the UK every morning. The area was once home to Noel Coward, Peter Ustinov and Ian Fleming. Other well-known programs and movies have been filmed here such as Missing (2009) and Poirot – The Clocks (2009)

The series started on Channel 4 on Tuesday 7th of November at 9pm. The Kent episode airs on 14th November.



For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map. 

Grand Designs: House of the Year (2016)

North Vat at Dungeness- Long shot of grey house with stones and shrubbery in front

Grand Designs House of The Year North Vat at Dungeness © Channel 4

Production Company: TalkBack Productions

Kent Locations used: North Vat House at Dungeness

Grand Designs: House of the Year is a Channel 4 property where presenter Kevin McCloud explores homes in the running for the RIBA House of the Year Award, focusing on properties that create space from the smallest of sites.

In episode three of the new series, the team visit North Vat House at Dungeness which blends beach living and high architecture. Although the exterior looks compact, the interior is open planned with a modern design and breath-taking views of the shingle beaches and ocean at Dungeness.

Dungeness is an expanse of shingle beach with many ramshackle huts as well as extremely modern residences, two lighthouses, a historic train station, two pubs and artist galleries along with a nuclear power station. Projects previously filmed here include Great British Railway Journeys – Series 7 (2016), The Poison Tree (2012) and EastEnders (2007).

This episode of Grand Designs: House of the Year featuring Dungeness will air on Thursday 8th December at 21:00 on Channel 4.


For more information about Kent’s Filming History please visit our Movie Map.