Top Gear – Series 22, Episode 3 (2015)

 James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond staring into the boot of a car

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond ©BBC Worldwide Ltd

Production company: BBC

Kent Locations Used: MOD Training Area – Lydd

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return to Kent to conduct research into the public health services in their attempt to revamp, enhance and improve the Ambulance.

They begin with a joint belief that the very big diesel vans are in need of an upgrade. Putting their thinking caps on, the presenters each focus on one area of the vehicle they feel they could improve.

While Hammond focuses on getting other drivers out of the way more effectively, May tries to reevaluate passenger comfort and Clarkson, unsurprisingly, aims to create a ‘sports ambulance’.

Who will get to the scene first and whose new ambulance reacts best in an emergency?

Catch the team in Lydd where the presenters test their vehicles to the limit. Lydd Ranges is a large training area on East Sussex border and boasts barrack style camps, seafront, lakes and whole villages marked as training areas. It was previously used in Ginger and Rosa (2012).

Episode 3 of Top Gear is aired on Sunday 8th February  2015at 8:00pm on BBC2.

James May’s Cars of People (2014)

James May and Henri Cogi sitting in a KV Mini 1 microcar, in Landes-Le-Gaulois, France

James May © BBC Worldwide/Rod Fountain

Production Company: BBC

Kent locationsDiscovery Park

James May’s Cars of People is a new BBC Two series where the Top Gear presenter discovers how the car became an everyday part of people’s lives.

In the finale of the three part series, James explores how aspiration and wealth drove the development of some of the greatest cars ever made such as the Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Porsche. James also reveals his ultimate people’s car which he deems to be the greatest vehicle in history.

James May visited Discovery Park in Sandwich for episode three where he drives a car around the industrial site.

James May standing by a Renault 4 and Citroën 2CV in a farmyard in front of a barn in Blois, France

James May © BBC Worldwide/Rod Fountain 2

Discovery Park is the former head quarters of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and after a change of ownership in 2012, is fast becoming Europe’s leading science and technology park. The site offers a hub for the science, technology, business and enterprise sectors and boasts large office complexes, scientific laboratories, warehouses and plants.

Discovery Park has previously been used as a film location by productions such as feature film World War Z (2013) and Sky Atlantic thriller The Tunnel (2013).

Don’t miss the final episode of James May’s Cars of People which features Discovery Park and can be seen on Sunday 24th August 2014 on BBC Two at 21:00.


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