Blood Moon (2014)

Blood Mood Film Poster- werewolf in the grey clouds with an image of a man facing him with guns. a moon and buildings can be seen in the distance. Blood Moon written in red in the centre of the poster

© Blood Mood Film Poster

Director: Jeremy Wooding

Starring: Shaun Dooley, George Blagden, Anna Skellern, Ian Whyte

Kent Locations: Laredo Wild West town near Longfield

Blood Mood is a horror-western set in Lassiter, Colorado, a town beset by outlaws, gunslinger and a creature known to the Native Americans as the Skinwalker, which appears on nights of a blood red moon to feast on human flesh.

The film is directed by Jeremy Wooding (Bollywood Queen, Peep Show) and stars Shaun Dooley (Eden Lake, The Woman in Black, TV’s Broadchurch), George Blagden (After the Dark, Les Miserables, TV’s Vikings), Anna Skellern (The Descent: Part Two, Gambit, TV’s The Musketeers) and Ian Whyte (Prometheus, Hercules, TV’s Game of Thrones).

The production filmed in Kent at Laredo Wild West town near Longfield for 4 weeks in February 2014.

“A Killer Slice Of Comic Book Horror” – Billy Chainsaw

“A Wild West Thrill Fest’” – James Whittington, The Horror Channel

“A Truly Great Film – ★★★★★” – Horror

“A Pioneer Among The Posse -★★★★★” –

“A Cracking Gothic Western” – Stuart Wright, Britflicks

The film is released in cinemas from September 28th 2015 and there will be two Kent screenings:

6th October at the Hazlitt Theatre with the Maidstone Film Society The Maidstone Film Society at 8pm, tickets £4 on the door including a screening and Q&A with director Jeremy Wooding afterwards.

3rd November in Rochester with the Rochester Film Society.

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Red Dwarf, Gunmen of the Apocalypse (1993)


DVD poster for Red Dwarf - Gunman of the Apocalypse (1993)- red background with 2 characters in the top left and 2 bottom right. Red Dwarf written in silver

DVD poster for Red Dwarf – Gunman of the Apocalypse (1993) ©IMDb


Writer: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Director: Andy De Emmony

Starring: Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn

Production Company: Grant Naylor

Kent Locations Used: Filmed in Laredo Wild West Town, Longfield, Kent

In Gunmen of the Apocalypse (Season 6, Ep 3), cult Sci-fi TV Series Red Dwarf visited Kent.  The crew of Starbug intercept a battleship carrying murderous cyborgs called “Simulants” which infect the Starbug with a virus. Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) deliberately infects himself with the virus to find an antidote. Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Lister (Craig Charles) and Cat (Danny John-Jules), end up in the computer simulation of a Wild West town, facing four outlaws, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whom they must defeat.

The episode stars Chris Barrie (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), Craig Charles (Coronation Street), Danny John-Jules (Blade II, Death in Paradise), and Robert Llewellyn (Mirrormask) star.

The computer simulation was filmed in Laredo Wild West Town, in North Kent, claiming the only Wild West barn location not in the United States. It has previously been used in the feature film about J.M. Barrie – Finding Neverland (2004)

Red Dwarf Gunmen of the Apocalypse was first shown on television in 1993.


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